Metropolitan Region, Chile

Farellones is located deep in the heart of the Andes, only 40 km from Santiago and at greater than 2000 m in elevation. This small mountain town is an important winter skiing center and situated in astonishingly beautiful scenery.

Owing to its low population during spring and summer and its proximity to Santiago, Farellones is an excellent destination for the observation of the high altitude Andean wildlife of central Chile.

While on route, our main targets will be the superb central Chilean endemic bird species; Moustached Turca, White-throated Tapaculo, Chilean Mockingbird and Chilean Tinamou. Once in Farellones the most frequently observed species are Andean birds such as the Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus), Mountain Caracara, some species of miners, Scaled Earthcreeper, Bar-winged Cinclodes, Grey-hooded Sierra Finch, Shrike Tyrants, Yellow-rumped Siskin, Greater Yellow Finch, and the spectacular Diameded Sandpiper Plover. While exploring the surroundings participants are likely to be delighted with sightings of the Southern Red Fox (Lycalopex culpaeus) or South American Grey Fox (Lycalopex griseus), and have the chance to spot the endemic rodent with burrowing habits Cururo (Spalacopus cyanus).

It is possible to observe much native flora local to this Andean area including Wild Carnations (Mutisia spp), Añañucas (Rodophiala spp), wild grasses, and Llareta (Laretia acaulis) among others.

This full-day programme includes: private transportation from Santiago, snack, lunch, water and drinks, and an experienced ornithologist guide. This programme is highly recommended for birdwatching of endemic species and photography.

Daily departures from Santiago are available during spring and summer.

Difficulty: None.


6:30 am   Depart from Santiago.

9:00 am   Stop for breakfast. Observe the Schlerophylous forest (unique to this Mediterranean region) and the birds of the Andean shrub covered foothills. 

10:00 am  Continue on route to Farellones with several stops on the way to observe wildlife.

11:30 am   Arrive in Farellones and start birdwatching.

12:30 pm   Continue towards Valle Nevado with stops along the way.

1:30 pm   Head towards El Colorado bogs for lunch and to continue observing high Andean birds. Plenty of time for photographs.

3:00 pm    Continue towards La Parva.

4:30 pm    Depart for Santiago.

6:00 pm    Arrive in Santiago.