Environmental Education

“Environmental Education is a continuous educational process, by which individuals and the community learn about their environment acquiring knowledge, values, abilities and experience, as well as the will to work individually and collectively for the solution of present and future environmental problems.”(UNESCO 1990)

Education for a sustainable society

There is an urgent need to increase our collective environmental conscience. Environmental education provides both a greater awareness and tools to find solutions to environmental problems. The pressing problems of our modern world include urban sprawl, pollution and loss of habitat; all of which contribute to global warming and consequently the disequilibrium of ecosystems.


Loreto Matthews

Degree in Environmental Science with a focus on Biology from the University of Chile.

Vivian Leisersohn

Degree in Pedagogy from the Catholic University of Chile, and a Landscape Architect degree from the Inacap Institute


Naturalista is committed to the conservation of nature and seeks to create cultural change that will bring respect to all living things including humans. We work towards achieving a sustainable world where every living thing can live in harmony with others and with its environment.


We offer various programmes which have been designed for community groups, companies, public institutions, and schools.


In order to facilitate experiential learning, our programmes include both classroom education as well as site visits. The latter is very important for elementary and high school, since it applies the Fundamental Objectives of the Chilean Educational Reform. We emphasize forms of learning aiming towards achieving improvements in qualitative education.


Other groups also achieve these forms of learning, since the programmes integrate physical and emotional understanding as described by the environmental education and outdoor education methodologies.


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