Our bilingual team of specialized guides is made up of experienced wildlife biologists and naturalists. All are extremely knowledgeable about Chilean wildlife and have vast experience in field work.


The team members all contribute to the design of our unique programmes and personally guide excursions. In this section we present each member of the team of NATURALISTA.


Paola has always loved nature and has dedicated most of her career to the study of the birds and conservation of biodiversity. She holds a biology degree from the Catholic University of Chile with a focus on ornithology and coursework that included the ecology and conservation of terrestrial bird species. Her thesis project was a study of the distribution of bird communities in different habitats in the central zone of Chile. Her professional work includes: participating in the “Neotropical Census of Aquatic Birds” (Wetlands International), conducting population and behavior studies of aquatic birds in Ramsar sites (The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance), rehabilitating native fauna, conducting environmental education, and teaching native species protection.

She has worked in National Parks, Reserves and Sanctuaries throughout the country acquiring extensive experience in fieldwork and as a naturalist. Her knowledge of bird calls gives her a great ability to find and identify terrestrial birds.


She has been organizing and guiding birdwatching and natural history excursions for 10 years and speaks English fluently.

Cristian Sepúlveda Cabrera has a degree in Natural Resources Engineering from the University of Chile. His work includes various environmental science projects throughout the country with a focus on the study of Chilean wildlife. He has also taught environmental education in schools and to communities in the Valparaiso region.

As a wildlife photographer and nature lover he has led many expeditions in South America including trips to the Bolivian and Peruvian Amazon, the high elevation plateau (altiplano), the mountains and coastal areas in Chile, rainforests in southern Argentina and Chile, and even the southern edge of the Chilean Patagonia. He brings a wealth of experience to the team.

Since childhood, she has had a sublime respect for all living creatures and plants that share the earth with us. She has devoted herself to studying natural science out of an eagerness to explore and learn about the natural world. She hopes her work will encourage respect for nature and promote balance with nature in our hectic modern times.

She graduated with a Forest Engineering degree in 2007 and is currently in a Wildland Conservation Master’s program at the University of Chile. Her thesis focuses on the flora and vegetation of the “Alto Loa National Reserve”, situated in the high Andean elevation plateau (altiplano) near Antofagasta, as well as the perception of the natural world by the inhabitants of the reserve.

Rodrigo Martinez del los Rios has a Marine Biology degree from the Northern Catholic University of Chile. Since he was a child he has been interested in natural history and nature. During his ten years of professional diving experience he has executed various marine invertebrate reproduction projects along the coast of northern Chile.


Many years of experience in field work in northern Chile have given him a wealth of knowledge about the geography and wildlife of the northern Chilean coastline. His familiarity with GPS and piloting sailboats, kayaks and 4x4 vehicles in off road situations make him ideally suited for managing the logistics on Naturalista expeditions.

Focuses on birdwatching for 10 years via traveling, observing and identifying species in different natural environments in Chile. She has attended various courses on conservation, wildlife identification and rehabilitation of native wildlife. Her thesis was carried out with Chilean wild raptors.


She has participated in various wildlife conservation projects such as Binational Conservation of Andean Condor Project and Zorro Darwin Conservation Project . She has worked at the Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Talagante, Santiago. She has also participated in surveys and studies regarding consistent monitoring of bird populations in different parts of the country, among them Lake Budi.


She has lived in the Araucanía region for five years, dedicating her time to the study of bird species in the area by touring its various National Parks, Wetlands and Reserves.

Loreto Mathews has a degree in Environmental Science with a focus on biology from the University of Chile. For 15 years she has worked on environmental protection efforts focused on protected areas, environmental education, and wildlife conservation.


She has spent many years with the National Committee for the Defense of Flora and Fauna (CODEFF) working at their Wildlife Rehabilitation Center supporting rescue, rehabilitation and release of animals as well raising public awareness. In addition, she has wide-ranging experience teaching environmental education in rural and urban areas targeted to children, teenagers and adults.


Her expertise also extends to illustration. She has illustrated educational books for children, interpretive materials, books, cards and postcards with Chilean flora and fauna.


Since childhood Vivian has felt a great appreciation and respect for nature which has led to dedicating her life to environmental education. She earned a degree in Pedagogy from the Catholic University of Chile in 1983 and a Landscape Architect degree from the Inacap Institute in 1993.

She has worked at the National Committee for the Defense of Flora and Fauna, CODEFF, since 1988 where she coordinates and conducts educational projects. Her focus was initially urban ecology but she has since dedicated herself exclusively to environmental education. Since 1995 she has run the Open Air Environmental Education Days at CODEFF’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Throughout her career she has developed courses, workshops and trainings about ecology, fauna, flora and conservation for teachers, schools and many kinds of institutions.

With more than 20 years as an environmental educator she has dedicated herself to working to create a sustainable world.